Top 10 Pointers for Email Design & Layout for B2B Marketing

Successful B2B email marketing automation depends a lot on email design and layout. Here are some important pointers to consider while designing email templates.

1. Simple HTML Layout
Restrict HTML templates to 600 pixels wide. Use structural tables to create columns. Avoid external CSS for formatting since some programs don’t support CSS. Avoid Flash and complex tables or embedded rows and columns.

2. East to Scan Email Content
Most recipients scan emails and do not actually read through them. Use a light background with a dark copy in short and centered lines. Place all important content above page folds. Provide a plain text version that will make the email reader-friendly. Some examples for easy to read fonts are Verdana, Times New Roman and Sans-serif.

3. F-Shaped Pattern Display
Research has proved that readers check the headline, followed by the text down the side and finally the mid section of the text.

4. Duplicate Site Navigation in B2B Emails
By duplicating site navigation the company can expect more clicks to the website since it is very user friendly.

5. Header & Pre-header
This text is what the reader is most likely to be read before reading the actual content. Since most of the email does not display HTML by default, include a text link to the web based version of the email. It is good to use other options such as Forward to a Friend as well. It is best to use company logo in email headers. A tag line that describes the purpose of the email can also add more value.

6. Branding
Be consistent with branding in the image alt text especially when there is emphasis on capitalization of content. Apart from identifying the company name in subject line and from name, place the brand name in the valuable top left spot.

7. Images
Brand images can be effectively conveyed through images. Since some email providers suppress images make sure to include clear messaging outside images. Avoid using links such as <img src=images/logo.gif”> although they look fine on internal servers.

8. Image Alt Text
Use relevant image alt text so that the message in the image is conveyed, even if the image could not be rendered. The alt tag should mimic the feel of the image. Offers that are included in the email text should be added in the alt text.

9. Footer
Add opt out link and physical address of the company in the email footer as per CAN SPAM Act. Include an option in the footer for readers to view the email using a mobile device.

10. Testing Email Templates
Always test email templates on multiple email clients and on mobile devices.
By following these pointers B2B lead scoring companies can expect successful email deliverability for their lead generation programs.

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